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Banking Sector and RGST

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The General Sales Tax (GST) Bill 2010 is silent over some key issues of banking sector particularly services provided by banking companies. There are some important issues of banking sector have not been clarified in the General Sales Tax Bill 2010.

Issuance of Tax Invoice:

In the existing FED Rules, banks are not required to issue tax invoice, the proposed law is silent in this regard. The Rule 40 A (6A) of the FED Rules exempt the banks from issuance of tax invoices to their clients. The question arises whether such tax invoice would be required under the GST Bill 2010 or not?. Secondly, whether such exemption would continue under the RGST regime. 

Exemption of Some Services:

Existing federal excise duty (FED) is applicable on all services provided by a banking company at the rate of 16 percent except for services against mark up/interest income, Hajj, Umrah, Cheque Book Issuance, Insurance Premium, Musharika and Modaraba Financing and Utility bills collection. After promulgation of GST Bill 2010, the FED at the rate of 16 percent will be converted into GST at the standard rate of 15 percent. However, it is not clear as to whether these services of the FED would remain exempted under the RGST.

Federal or Provincial Jurisdiction:

The main difference between FED and GST is that the former falls under federal jurisdiction, whereas the later falls within the provincial jurisdiction but collection rights may remain with FBR in certain cases. About the issuance of tax invoice, in the existing FED Rules banks are not required to issue tax invoice, the proposed law needs to clarify the issue. In case of sales tax return, this also needs to be clarified by FBR, whether the monthly return shall be filed province wise separately or a combined return is required to be filed with breakups of income and sales tax thereon for all provinces.

Maintenance of Record:

As far as maintenance of record is concerned, he said, all the branches shall be required to keep proper records of GST and related income for the purpose of audit. It is not clear as to whether it will be centralised or will have to deposited province wise; needless to state that the claim of input will also be on the similar lines if the bank so decides to claim the same.

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