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Last Date to File Income Tax Returns

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Remember - Its 20th October, 2010

Who has to file return?

  • Business individuals and AOPs

  • Companies where accounts are closed on 30-12-2008

  • Salaried individuals having income other than salary

  • Employees claiming refund

  • Those who availed investment tax scheme 2008

  • Owners of immovable property (with land area of 250 sq. yards or more) or owner of a flat in specified areas

  • Non-corporate cases with property income

  • Non-corporate taxpayers having business income and having income falling under PTR

E-Filing of Income Tax Returns

Compulsory for

  • Corporate

  • Taxpayers registered for Sales Tax

  • Association of Persons - AOPs

  • Salaried individuals having income of Rs.500,000/-

  • Claimant of refunds

  • Optional for other non-corporate Taxpayers

Last Date for Filing of IT Returns

  • Individuals, AOPs (IT-2) = 20th October 2009

  • Companies where accounts closed on 31-12-2008 (IT-1) = 20th October 2009

  • Companies where accounts closed on 30-06-2009 (IT-1) = 31th December 2009

Remember: Filing of Wealth Statement along with the returns is mandatory in case of individuals with income of Rs.500,000/- or more.

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