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Resident Person Vs. Non-Resident Person

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For a Tax Year Resident Person means (Section- 81)

If the person is a resident individual, resident company or resident association of persons for the year; or the Federal Government

Non Resident Person (Section- 81)

If the person is not a resident persons for the year

Resident Individual (Section- 82)

Present in Pakistan for a period of, or periods in aggregate to, one hundred and eighty three days or more in the tax year; - 183 Days
is an employee or official of the Federal Government or a Provincial Government posted abroad in the tax year.

Resident Company (Section- 83)

(a) it is incorporated or formed by or under any law in force in Pakistan;

(b) the control and management of the affairs of the company is situated wholly in Pakistan at any time in the year; or

(c) it is a Provincial Government or Local Government in Pakistan.

Resident Association of Person (Section- 84)

If the control and management of the affairs of the association is situated wholly or partly in Pakistan at any time in the year

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