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Filing of Income Tax Returns for Tax Year 2012

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Tax year 2012 has ended. Income tax returns for tax year 2012 will be due for different categories as under:

Category of Taxpayers       Last due date
a. Salaried individuals :           31st August 2012 (extended to 30th Sep. 2012)
b. Individuals/AOP’s:             30th September 2012
c. Companies:
  • With tax year ending between
1st Jan. and 30th Jun. 2012:  31st December, 2012
  • With tax year ending between
1st Jul and 31st Dec. 2011:  30th September, 2012

Please ensure that you file your income tax return before the last due date and avoid inconvenience and penalty for late filing.As there is rush near end-dates, you are advised to file your tax return at least 2(two) weeks before the due date and avoid long wait-of-turn and last minute anxiety.

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