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Main Points of Budget 2010-11

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Rs. 663bn allocated in PSDP-2010-11


Following are the highlights of Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2010-11, released here on Saturday:


Total amount of Rs. 663 billion has been allocated in PSDP-2010-11 for various ongoing and new schemes.
Out of total PSDP, the federal share is Rs. 280 billion, provincial share Rs.373 billion where as Rs.10 billion would be spent for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Earthquake-hit areas.

Following are the main allocations:


--- Rs.28423.8 million for Water and Power Division (Water Sector)

--- Rs.15227.5 million for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

--- Rs.14565.7 million for Finance Division.

--- Rs.13629.6 million for Railways Division.

--- Rs.9395.7 million for Planning and Development Division.

--- Rs.15762.5 million for Higher Education Commission.

--- Rs.16944.5 million for Health Division.

--- Rs.10873.7 million for Food and Agriculture Division.

--- Rs.3220.1 million for Industries and Proudction division.

--- Rs.5140.9 million for Education Division.

--- Rs.5584 million for Interior Division.

--- Rs.3887.1 million for Defence Division.

--- Rs.3618.3 million for Housing and Works Division.

--- Rs.3618.7 million for Cabinet Division.

--- Rs.4115.5 million for Population Welfare Division.

--- Rs.1646.2 million for Science and Technological research Division.

--- Rs.885.6 million for Livestock and Dairy Development Division.

--- Rs.1000 million for Law and Justice Division.

--- Rs.1000 million for Environment Division.

--- Rs.1000 million for Special Initiatives Division.

 -- Rs.1234.7 million for Revenue Division.

 --- Rs.623.4 million for Petroleum and Natural Resources Division.

 --- Rs.718.3 million for Information Technology and Telecom Division.

 --- Rs.1229.7 million for Defence Production Division.

 --- Rs.474.1 million for Commerce Division.

 --- Rs.149.1 million for Communication Division (other than NHA).

 --- Rs.518.6 million for Ports and Shipping Division.

 --- Rs.246.9 million for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority.

 --- Rs.152.9 million for Women Development Division.

 --- Rs.107.6 million for Social Welfare and Special Education Division.

 --- Rs.65.8 million for Labour and Manpower Division.

 --- Rs.82.3 million for Local government and Rural Development Division.

 --- Rs.125 million for Tourism Division.

 --- Rs.140.8 million for ministry of Foreign Affairs.

 --- Rs.549.8 million for Narcotics Control division.

 --- Rs.114.4 million for Establishment Division.

 --- Rs.353.9 million for Culture Division.

 --- Rs.229.6 million for Sports Division.

 --- Rs.74.5 for Youth Affairs Division.

 --- Rs.509.9 million for Information and Broadcasting Division.

 --- Rs.164.6 million for Textile Industry Division.

 --- Rs.82.3 million for Statistics Division.

 --- Rs.81.1 million for Ministry of Postal Services.

 --- Rs.15 million for Economic Affairs Division.

 --- Rs.12029.7 million for WAPDA (Water)

 --- Rs. 44637 million for National Highway Authority

 --- Rs.10523.5 million for Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Block & other projects)

 --- Rs.6584.9 million for Gilgit-Baltistan (Block and other projects)

 --- Rs.8642.6 million for FATA.

 --- Rs. 5000 million for People's Works Programme-I

 -- Rs.25000 million for People's Works Programme-II

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