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How to Start and Manage NGOs

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NGOs represent an alternative to the constructed organizational entities. They are flexible and can react faster to the changes. This is the theory as seen in anthropological and ethnological aspects. In our local context and in the face of rampant corruptions rooted deep in governmental organization, we hear so many debates about NGOs and their work. What is more, some segments in our society are totally against NGOs and their good work. Problem is that those who oppose the mere presence of NGOs might not even understand what are NGOs, how they work and fill the void left by the state or how much NGOs can influence for the collective good of the society.

It is in this milieu that Javed Sajjad Ahmad – a veteran social scholar – has brought How to Start and Manage Non-Governmental Organizations. The author has answered many thorny questions about NGOs that can help all stakeholders. “The book is a guide, a ready reference, or a step-by-step manual to launch and nurture an NGO. Existing NGOs, large or small, will find information in the book that they can use to raise funds, hone their organizational skills or learn how to manage growing pains. It is probably the first of its kind book being published in Pakistan, that meets a felt need of the voluntary sector, at a critical juncture, says Professor (Dr.) M. Nizamuddin, renowned antropologist and the Vice Chancellor University of Gujrat.

Working as consultatnt with Thatta Kedona - an international NGO engaged in poverty alleviation and preservation o f rural culture in rural Punjab - for last ten years, I have the understanding of problems being faced by NGOs and how some people view them. I can say with my personal experience that How to Start and Manage Non-Governmental Organizations can be a text book for anyone from donors to volunteers associated with social work at any level.

Publication of this book by University of Gujrat Press – publishing arm of University of Gujrat – at the time when major donors are taking policy decision to channel their development assistance to Pakistan via the voluntary sector will o a long way. Not only the book will open new opportunities for research and promote scholarly work on this subject but will also affect in a big way.My recommendation: It is a must read for anyone who is alive to the collective good in the society.

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Our aprons

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Trading is one of the oldest business but modern communication technologies have given birth to the global trade cycle, commonly referred to as ‘global supply chain’ or ‘physical and financial supply chains,’ which represents the various stages of the buying and selling process among trading partners anywhere. Product Impex is trading as a part of global supply chain. You visit the website, you will find a whole lot from Salt, and Salt Products, to Aprons, Beachwear, Towels, Sports Socks, and Work wear from some of the best manufacturers in the industry.

We have collaboration with leading manufacturers that gives us control across large trading partner networks and also in the manufacturing process. Which is why we offer our clients custom products like aprons with your unique design and or message printed on front or back?
Product Impex put much emphasis behind having a fancy growth strategy but we sure understand that our growth is really the growth of our clients.

We are wholesalers and we know our growth is attached with the growth of our retailers and whom they sell and how much. That is why we think globally and put all our energies behind making our clients by offering them the best and cost effective.

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Tax Year 2010 - Revenue Targets

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Seven leading banks have deposited over Rs 4.2 billion withholding tax following withholding tax audit of banking sector by the Directorate General of Intelligence and Investigation, Inland Revenue. The LTU Karachi has successfully managed to recover a huge amount of around Rs 4.2 billion from seven banks as per data of the directorate of intelligence IR maintained up to June 30, 2011.

These banks have admitted default of withholding tax under Income Tax Ordinance 2001 and deposited Rs 4.2 billion to the exchequer including the amount deposited on June 30, 2011. One of the banks has deposited Rs 2.2 billion by admitting default of withholding tax following detection through audit by the LTU Karachi. Another bank has deposited an amount of Rs 1.4 billion as withholding tax in the exchequer.

The updated data compiled by the DG Intelligence Inland Revenue on June 30, 2011 revealed that different banks falling within the jurisdiction of LTU Karachi have deposited a total of Rs 4.2 billion to the national kitty. The bank-wise data revealed that a bank has deposited Rs 240 million, another bank Rs 150 million while LTU Karachi also recovered Rs 170 million from a bank. The data disclosed that a leading bank has also deposited Rs 93 million as withholding tax on account of default of withholding tax provisions of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

The DG Intelligence IR had detected flaws in deduction and collection of withholding tax from banks during monitoring of the banking sector in 2010-11. Resultantly, the LTUs conducted audit of banks under the supervision of Shahid Hussain Asad Director General, Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, Inland Revenue. The directorate had raised huge income tax demands against the banks for committing default of withholding tax.

The directorate had found that certain banks are not properly filing the complete and proper statements. Secondly, the vital/relevant information is not being enforced. Thirdly, the regulatory provisions (Rule 43) regarding payment of taxes withheld are not being monitored by the concerned authorities. Fourthly, there are physical limitations of withholding audit by the tax department. Fifthly, the Regions get monthly collection and LTUs get quarterly statements, which are mutually irreconcilable. There are reconciliation problems in the said data of statements. The directorate further stated that the cases of non-withholding pointed out by internal audit of banks are not shared with tax department for recovery purposes. It has been further observed that the tax deducted is not deposited in time by the banks. The agency has also observed that banks are not properly filing statements under section 231A/231AA of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

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Secret of Dropping FAT

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At it's most basic, losing weight is about burning more calories than you eat. That seems simple enough, but if were really that simple, none of us would have a weight problem. Too often we take drastic measures to see results -- diets, pills or those weird fitness gadgets on infomercials that promise instant success. Maybe you lose weight but what happens when you go off that diet or stop that crazy workout program? You gain it all back and more. The real secret to weight loss is to make small, lasting changes. The key is to forget about instant results and settle in for the long run.

Irvingia Plus is so confident that they can help you lose weight and keep it off from their weight loss product and informational e-books that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Irvingia Plus is designed to start working at its peak in 6-10 weeks. They suggest that you stay on Irvingia Plus and see the results, they will come. Here is the secret of dropping FAT, Lowering Cholesterol, and never being overweight or unhealthy again! To all the people who are sick of dieting, this is for you!

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