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Who Are Not Required to File Income Tax Return?

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Following Tax Payers are not Required to file return including

  1. Where the entire income of a taxpayer in a tax year consists of income chargeable under the head “Salary” below Rs. 500,000/- this person is required to furnish Employer's Certificate
  2. Any person who is not obliged to furnish a return for a tax year because all the person’s income is subject to final taxation (FTR) - this person is required to furnish Statement as prescribed
  3. Following persons even they owns immovable property with a land area of 250 square yards or more or owns any flat located in urban areas
    • (a) A widow;
    • (b) an orphan below the age of twenty-five years;
    • (c) a disabled person; or
    • (d) in the case of ownership of immovable property, a nonresident person.

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